Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mediterranean lifestyle

Mediterranean lifestyle is a perfect balance between work and leisure,family and food.
People fully enjoy all the goodness of their lives and know when is a good time to take themselves of on the side of the pool and relax,they know the perfect balance through fresh food,enjoyed with friends and family.
It is very easy.By doing just a few adjustment to your habits you can have the benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle.If you try to have 3 fresh vegetables a day,have a walk with an old friend before going to the cafe.Remember it is all about enjoying yourself.You know that anything you want to achieve will take your time and efforts.But if you try to find a little treat for yourself every day you will feel happier achieving your goal.We all need something to look forward to.Happy people look forward to every day.That is you.Enjoy every day dealing with the challenges of anything that you are doing.
One of the most valued foundations of traditional Mediterranean cultures is taking the time to enjoy and share time with people,that you care about.Instead of refueling you can turn a meal into a ritual for your senses and share the flavours.Cultivating this balance in life will enable you to enjoy a rich quality of life.You deserve it.
One of the secrets of happiness is activity in every shape or form.Talk,share,cook for friends,take a walk or grow your garden,play with your pet or kins.One of the most amazing empowering people of our century said,that "you should not miss anything".In another words "be there".For your loved ones,for your business,for your cause.But remember anything you do do it with "gusto"-a taste for life.

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  1. Nothern Europe countries need to learn from the south.
    "I saw so many hares running senseless,I learned to be turtle and appreciate the journey"