Monday, February 2, 2009

25 things about me

25 things about me1.I am married to Sotiris and on Valentines day we will celebrate this for the 6th time
2.I am mother of 3 lovely boys-5,4 and 19 months old.They are full with energy and are great company for each other
3.I cherish every moment of my life and try to do my best in every occasion
4.I owe my mother the ability to be strong and my father the ability to look after others
5.I had my childhood in Bulgaria in a very small town during the communistic time
6.I am so grateful to the luck I had so far meeting so many special people
7.I treasure my friends that have been with me for as long as I can remember
8.I want to speak German and Greek and I would love the same for my kids
9.I want to be financially free so I can help others to live better
10.I really love Mediterranean lifestyle-lots of outdoors,fresh produce,nice cofffee and passion for life.
11.I study history for years and this boost my love to other cultures and mentalities
12.I am a beach bum-love the sea,the sand the heat
13.Living in Ireland is great for me.People are so friendly.I love Ireland.
14.I want to be better driver
15.I love philosophy
16.I am so grateful that I have met my husband with whom I had a opportunity to meet mentors and read books that have changed my life
17.I want to accumulate wealth
18.I think that sometimes people under value the importance of good health and nutrition.I want to work on that and help to change that
19.I love classical music
20.I love dinner parties and talking to people
21.I want to rebuild all the hospitals in Bulgaria
22.I love the morning -it gives me fantastic mood for the whole day
23.I was in Virginia Beach when 9/11 happened and I am one of these people,that think that if there was more women with power less people would die
24.I never want to have a pet as I think they need to live their own life
25.I want to invite you to my 100th birthday party at the Niagara Falls

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